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Real World Career Path for College Students


If you are a college student in New York ready to
jump start your career, let us know!

We are currently looking for students who are interested in a career in the following IT  fields:

Web and Mobile Application Development
Graphic and Web Design
Infrastructure and Systems Engineering

Benefits for Students

Real world opportunities based on interest, talent, major, and personal traits, enable a solid career path while in school, without the disconnect between traditional student jobs and academic and career development.

Students earn industry insight and graduate with realistic expectations, avoiding time consuming and costly career switches, and can start with us as early as freshman year.

Benefits for Employers

Hiring new college graduates who have professional experience and can hit the ground running can cut attrition and training cost for a company dramatically.

Companies can jump start talent acquisition
by sponsoring co-op projects.

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About Us

LarrosaTek Inc. is a New York City based boutique IT Service Provider, enabling organizations to unleash their true potential through technology.

We launched Talencuity to provide college students with professional training in real life thus enabling them to launch a career quickly right after school.